The services

Consorzio l’Arcolaio has a consolidated experience in the reception of asylum seekers and refugees, as well as in the services dedicated to adult discomfort and in the productive services aimed at job placement of disadvantaged people. It offers paths of integration, training and employment with the aim of promoting autonomy paths. Its professionalism is the result of the partners experience and expertise and the added value that comes from the interweaving of their knowledge and skills.

Reception of asylum seekers and refugees

Consorzio l’Arcolaio works in the first and in the second reception services of refugees and asylum seekers. It is part of the SAI network (Integration and Reception System) and it manages facilities for minors, adults and vulnerable people under the coordination of ASP Città di Bologna (the Public company for social welfare and personal care of the Municipality of Bologna) . It also manages Special Reception Centres (CAS) and first reception hubs, entrusted by the Territorial Offices of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. It joins the FAMI Programme (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) with several projects. It provides legal support, guidance to job placement and Italian language classes to Third Country National. Each action takes place in coordination with local authorities, institutions, associations based in the territories.

Quality and experience

The quality of the interventions is guaranteed by the proven experience in the field of the reception and the continuos training of its social workers. In the field of adult discomfort, Consorzio L’Arcolaio manages a wide range of services coordinated by ASP Città di Bologna, in dedicated facilities, even in cases of sanitary emergency, in which beneficiaries play an active role, with special attention to the creation of relationships between them and social workers.



As for the transitional housing service, Arcolaio’s projects are designed and implemented to guide families through a path of socialization and autonomy, socio-occupational integration and personal empowerment, thanks to a constant networking with citizens, associations, private services and public institutions. Consorzio l’Arcolaio also manages a “housing first” project, which aims at providing people in housing emergency conditions with a stable and long-lasting accommodation in apartments and social and psychological support, if needed. Moreover, Arcolaio boasts more than ten years of experience in the support of Roma families towards housing independence, overcoming parking areas and managing the transition to micro-areas.


Job inclusion

Consorzio l’Arcolaio provides proximity services, information and guidance on the system of services to those who request it, regardless their residence status, and manages mobile service units providing street social and health services throughout the year. Finally, it manages several community labs in different neighbourhoods, proposing creative activities to foster and create connections between residents and homeless people, in order to overcome the marginality in which they find themselves. Among the production services aimed at the employment of vulnerable people, the design, care and maintenance of public and private – out and indoor – green areas is one of the main activities managed by Arcolaio, together with ordinary and extraordinary cleaning and environmental sanitization, cemetery services, take-away meals production and data entry aimed at the management of concierge services.